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3000 Lumen LED Motorcycle Headlight With Switch Circle


The beam spot is quite tightly focused. The front bezel / lens holder / heat sink is made of aluminum and the inner housing is made of plastic. There is a nice gland where the wire enters to keep out water. The lens on the front is plastic. the whole light assembly is housed in a sheet metal cage which allows a mount and also presumably keeps your hands off it because it does run a little warm. After about 30 minutes of operation at an ambient temp of 82 F, the aluminum lens holder is at 170F in still air.

  • 10 watts. 800 mA at 12.6 V, 730 mA at 13.6 V, 700 mA at 14.2 V
  • Easy Installation, direct Replacement, Red cable is "+", Black cable is "-"
  • Cannot be submerged
  • Includes just 1 light
  • Ships out in 2 business days
  • This item ships from our international warehouse and will take 15-25 days to get to your door
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