Concealed Carry Right/Left Ankle Holster

Sometimes the most simple designs are the best designs. This holster is comfortable as well as versatile when it comes to how many different pistols it can hold....perfect for a .38 special snubnose but can all also hold both any 9mm or .40. So versatile, you can wrap it almost anywhere around the house or car when not carrying it with you. This holster holds your piece tight against your lower leg, making it ultra concealed. Because it's made with lightweight, ventilated and stretchable material, it fits a wide range of body types.   
  • One size fits all, universal elastic
  • Ambidextrous, your gun can be positioned anywhere around ankle,so you can wear it on left or right leg for left or right hand draw.
  • Fits most Compact to sub-compact semi auto handguns: 22s, 380s, 9mms, and even compact 45s
  • Ships out in 2 business days

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